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Where Are They Now?

LCM ALUM Annie Skivington serving in Hungary - Annie Skivington, a graduate of ASU with a major in landscape architecture, is part of the ELCA's Young Adults in Global Mission program (YAGM). We have had several students selected for YAGM over the years. Julie Gerrish is currently serving in Senegal.
LCM - 2017 Spring Newsletter - The current LCM Newsletter.
New Blog Post from Julie Gerrish, Senegal - ​​From a recent email from Julie Gerrish:
Heidi Gerrish Talks about her YAGM in Uruguay - Mission in Uruguay - Heidi Gerrish, sister of recent LCM grad Julie Gerrish and current LCM student Stephen Gerrish talked on October 1th about her year in Uruguay as a part of the Young Adults in Global Mission ( YAGM) project of the Evangelical Lutheran
From Seminarian John Barton - ​​I have now completed my first two school years of the M.Div. program at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA.
Rev. Dr. Amy Schifrin Visits ULC - ​It's always exciting to have Lutheran Campus Ministry alumni visit University Lutheran Church. Several members of ULC remember Amy from those years and welcomed back to the "family". We continue to pray for her continued success.
Congratulations, Eric! - ​To Eric Aiken. Eric, who recently passed the Bar Exam and is an attorney, has recently been hired by Arizona Voice for Crime Victims as a legal advocate for victims of crime.
Ian Lee, former LCM student, Reports for CNN - October 31, 2015 - ​It's always great to see the success for former LCM students as they change the world. Ian Lee now reports for CNN on many middle east news stories. The most recent is on the Russian plane crash.
Melanie Lehnhardt Snaps Photo - It's always exciting to hear from our alumni who server all over the world. ​One of our LCM alum was fortunate to be in Washington, DC, this past week. Melanie works for Senator Flake and was able to participate in the events involving the pope in Wash
Collins, Matt - Teacher.
Bishop Stephen Talmage Writes About Pastor Jill Rode - ​Our Bishop Stephen Talmage has recently written in one of his email newsletters information about one of our past alumni, Pastor Jill Rode. We thought we'd like to share his comments...
Alumni Now on Broadway - ​It's always fun to see what some of our LCM alumni are doing. Well, one of them just hit broadway and has his picture on a billboard in Times Square. Congratualtions Aaron!
Congratulations - to Jeanne Sims on her promotion to Full-Time MBA Program Manager for the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University
Ian Lee - Journalist Trial in Egypt - Our former student, Ian Lee, reporting on the journalist trial in Egypt.
Robers, Mike & Kelly - ULC/LCM Student Alumni. Studied neurology at Loyola University Chicago, residency at St. Joseph Hospital / Barrow Neurological Institute.
Accompany Abby - ​​LCM alumnus Abby Henderson ('13) continues her mission work in South Africa. Her latest newsletter is on the bulletin board in the Campus Center.
Jill Rode's New Assignment - ​It's always wonderful following the alumni from University Lutheran Church and Lutheran Campus Ministry. Our prayers will always be with you and Gretchen.
An American in Spain - Tristan Fehr, ASU and LCM alum (May '13) and former resident in our Campus Center apartment, is in Madrid Spain on a Fulbright Scholarship doing neurological research. Upon finishing his work in Madrid, Tristan will pursue a Ph.D in neurology at Mt. Sinai
Congratulations - to Colton Grimmer. Colton just finished an internship with Stone Brewing Company in San Diego County, CA. He was hired by Stone Brewing as Assistant Brewer following his internship.
Where are They Now? - While on retreat in San Diego, former members Bob and Trey Wilcher, now living in the San Diego area, dropped by to visit with Pr. Gary and the students. Bob and Trey had breakfast with us and worshipped with us at Mission Bay. They are doing fine and wan
Congratulations - to LCM alumnus Jessica Beckmann. Jessica just finished her internship at University of San Francisco Medical School pursuant to becoming a registered dietician. USF immediately hired her to work in their hospital dining program. Jessica graduated from ASU
Book On Former Student - Some in our community remember student Heather Gross. Heather graduated in 2003 and moved to her home area in Salt Lake City, Utah
Jill and Gretchen Marriage Plans - ​​Just scanning the bulletin boards finds some more wonderful news!
Evan Moilan - Chief Development Officer - Evan Moilan has been selected for a key leadership position at Lutheran Social Services of the South, Inc. (LSS).
It's About That Time by Jill Rode - "I remember last spring sitting in a classroom with a bunch of classmates of mine, listening to our then-Contextual Education director talking about the cycle of internship.
Condolences - .... to former UILC member Don Polentz and family on the death of wife Edna, April 26 in Sierra Vista, AZ.
Congratulations to Abigail Henderson - Congratulations to Abigail Henderson on successfully defending her honor's thesis. Abby is a senior graduating this May.
New Members - Eric & Loni Lehnhardt - Eric and Loni were LCM students throughout their undergrad and graduate years.
Alumni Update - Haley Van Erem - Former LCM student, Haley Van Erem writes to tell us she will graduate May 5 from Florida State College of Law. This follows her Master's degree, also from FSU, in Social Work. Haley graduated 5 years ago with a BS in Social Work from ASU. She is from B
VivePeru - Christine Wilkins - Christine Wilkins, one of our students who has also served as an office assistant intern, is doing some marvelous work in Per. She has previous worked in Peru through the VivePeru's Mission and is now returning to continue her work. Christine is asking
Student of the Month - Christian Normand - Where are you from? I was born near Seattle. Lived there 'till I was 6. I moved out here to Chandler and that's kind of where I've been ever since.
Congratulations to Casey Jones and Nora Dillon - House Spouse
Dickerson, Chris - LCM Alumni.
We're So Proud.... - Another honor for Eric and Loni Lenhardt's FlashFood innovation: their student-run startup company has been named a finalist for America's Coolest College Startups!
Student of the Month - Chris Walmsley - What is you major? Computer science. What all does that involve? It involves more of a software understanding of computers basically a lot of programming. Lots and lots of programming. We get to learn a bunch of different programming languages. It's fun.
Student of the Month - Leo Brito - Leo Brito
LaPier, Jordan - Married to Kallie Knutson-LaPier.
Kuntson-LaPier, Kallie - Married to Jordan LaPier.
Bekki Elliot - Student of the Month - Bekki Elliot - Student of the Month
Jill Rode Update - Jill Rode was our Campus Ministry Associate for two years. She left LCM to enter seminary to become a pastor. Currently she is in her third year and is beginning her internship after two years of study and 400 hours or Clinical Pastoral Education.
Where are they Now? - Ellen Aiken - Below is an update from life-long member Ellen Aiken, daughter of Shawn and Lynn Aiken (big sister of ASU law student Eric). Ellen received her undergraduate degree from Tufts University and her law degree from the University of Arizona. As it turns out
Congratulations to Allison Miller, Anna Marx and Craig Talmage - Congratulations
Esther Sianipar now working at Microsoft Indonesia - Esther Sianipar, former member and continuing friend of University Lutheran Church, is now working at Microsoft Indonesia, Sudirman District (sort of like the Manhattan of Indonesia). We are so very proud of you!
Bethany Ristau - Congratulations to Bethany Ristau on her acceptance into Mesa Community College's nursing school.
Congratulations to Sasha and Anna - Congratulations to LCM alum Sasha Keyel on his recent marriage in Boston to Anna McLoon and his successful defense of his PhD thesis. Sasha and Anna are headed to Germany for Anna to complete her post-doctoral work.
The Rev. Daniel Pugh now Associate Pastor at Augsburg Lutheran Church, Winston-Salem, NC - The Rev. Daniel Pugh, recent graduate of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and past Campus Ministry Associate right here at University Lutheran Church and Lutheran Campus Ministry at ASU is now Associate Pastor at Augsburg Lutheran Church in Winston-S
Congratulations to Samantha and Megan - Congratulations to LCM alum and ULC member and former council member Samantha Vancel on her marriage to Megan McDowell in Iowa in June.
Congratulations to LCM alum Colin Tetreault - Congratulations to LCM alum Colin Tetreault. Colin was on the cover of Phoenix Business Weekly. Colin serves as Senior Policy Advisor for Sustainability to the Mayor of Phoenx and works for ASU as a Faculty Associate in the School of Sustainability.
Sasha Keyel and Anna McLoon - We just received word via Facebook that Sasha Keyel, a former student here at University Lutheran Church and Lutheran Campus Ministry at ASU will be celebrating their wedding day sometime in June. Congratulations to the both of you!
Todd Hoover Writes and Performs New Litury - We are so proud of Todd Hoover, a former LCM Student right here at University Lutheran Church.
Congratulations - to Michelle Schmoker. Michelle was just hired to work for the Union of Concerned Scientists in Boston, MA.
Internship News... Where's My Rain Jacket? - I wanted to share with you exciting news about internship next year...I will be headed to Seattle, WA! The name of the church is St. John United Lutheran (SJU).
Student Spotlight - Jennifer Brandon - Another student is in the Spotlight.
Farewell & Godspeed - Bob and Trey Wilcher - Bob will manage an organic grocery business in Poway.
Gest, Darren - Darren Gest was a ASU graduation LCM Alumni from May 2010. Darren is now serving as President of the University Lutheran Church Council.
Student Spotlight - Tim Darling - I'm a senior bioengineering student getting ready to graduate in May. Woohoo! I love my friends - including people at LCM...- and my family more than anything in the world.
Janelle Knowlton Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health - The many friends, students and members of University Lutheran Church and Lutheran Campus Ministry extend their heart felt congratulations to Janelle Knowlton who will be graduating with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the Universit
Congratulations to LCM alum Sasha Keyel - Congratulations to LCM alum Sasha Keyel for having his picture of a grasshopper sparrow published on the "State of the Birds" website. Sasha is a doctoral student at Tufts and working in conservation. Look for his credits in the right gray column.
Reidhead, Jeff - Congratulations to Jeff Reidhead, LCM alum, who has finished his work in Seattle with Lutheran Volunteer Corp and has been hired as a case manager for men in transitional housing.


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