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Pastor Gary McCluskey
Pastor Gary N. McCluskey

Pastor's Notes
Gary N. McCluskey, pastor

I have a stack of photographs on the bookshelf behind my desk chair. On the shelf below are albums full of DVD's and CD's with more photos and videos.  All the photos and albums contain a glimpse of the past 16 or so years here at ULC/LCM. There are student events depicted, congregational events, and events involving both ministries.

In the photos are many still among us and active in our community. Some have moved on to various places around the world. Sadly some have died.  As I look at the photos they bring back many warm memories. I recall stories about those in the photos.  With some we have been out of touch and are not certain where they are or what they are doing. Others keep in touch regularly through emails, texts, phone calls and gifts of financial support. It is often striking to me when an alum of 12 or twenty or more years ago tells us how something about our ministry continues to touch them and impact them. And I must be honest; occasionally I see someone who was not extremely active and I may struggle to recall their name.

We also have what can loosely be called an archives. In hermetically sealed Rubbermaid products are a collection of photos, newspaper articles, Lutheran Magazines, banquet programs, promotional items once given away on campus or here in our Campus Center. Most anything that anyone here or anyone who has passed through this ministry has done during or after their time here is in this archives. 

The photos remind me....and us....that a faith community is not simply a collection of individuals. It reminds me/us that a faith community is more than it appears to be on any given Sunday or gathering time. A faith community is composed of those who have gone before, those who are currently present and active and those who are yet to come.

There will be more photos. There will be new additions to our community. There will be new gifts added to the manifold gifts currently present. There are gifts lost as many leave for other places. These too are a reminder that a faith community and its ministry is more than it appears on any given Sunday or time of gathering. Those gifts now serve elsewhere. Some of what was gleaned here is transported to other places and other faith communities. 

So as you see faces new to us, greet them, welcome them. Get to know them and don't be afraid to ask them a question or too and listen to them, always remembering our faith community is much larger than we can ever know. Our ministry is much larger than we realize. We are more than what we see around us. We are those called and gifted by God to extend the Good News of Christ throughout the world God so loved and loves.

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