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Pastor's Notes - Something Extraordinary

Pastor Gary McCluskey
Pastor Gary N. McCluskey

Pastor's Notes
Gary N. McCluskey, pastor

Another year and another Easter has come and gone. During Lent we fasted and did some repenting. Easter Sunday we sang and rejoiced. Now Easter is past, the left-over ham has been eaten, the decorations put away and we are back to our old routines. 

One of the messages of Easter is actually that we are left with more than old routines. We may rise at a particular hour each day, head off to bed at the same hour each night. We may eat meals at the same time each day and do many of the same things at home, work or school in the same daily order. Yet every now and then something absolutely new breaks in. Every now and then something new breaks in that touches us, lifts us, and moves us. 

No life is so old, no person is so knowledgeable and experienced that something new and uplifting cannot strike and even change us, at least for the moment. Easter comes because God makes it happen. The world, the disciples, ...Easter did not come because anything anyone did. Easter comes because God makes it happen.

Those surprising events in our life that touch us and uplift us happen too because God makes it so. There was nothing we did. God simply entered the routine of our life and did something outside our routine. God came into the ordinary and created something extraordinary. 

So we plod on in our daily lives. We find a certain security and comfort in our routines. Many of our routines are those we chose to put in place. But God is not put off by such habit. In fact, God has God's own habits. And God's habits are to break in with God's love and stir us up. Easter actually has come, but it is not gone.

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