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Council of Religious Advisers

Pastor Gary McCluskey
Pastor Gary N. McCluskey

Pastor's Notes
Gary N. McCluskey, pastor

As many of you know Alicia, Maddie and I attend a meeting of ASU's Council of Religious Advisers each month during the academic year. A typical attendance is about 40 pastors, leaders, and students from our ASU campus ministries officially partnered with ASU and recognized by them. Each month we have speakers that have something do to do with what is happening or what is to happen at ASU. They help us shape our ministry accordingly. For example when we learned a greater emphasis was going to be put on graduate students at the Tempe campus, we created the Young adult group as a separate group here.

Last Wednesday Dr. Karen Moss, a speaker from ASU's Wellness program gave a presentation. I will share that presentation Sunday, February 7. It was rather concerning. ASU seems to exceed many of the nation's universities when it comes to student anxiety and stress. One surprising statistic, for example, is that over 20% of ASU students have "food anxiety". That means  more than 20% are expressing anxiety as to where their next meal is coming from.  Our student food box above the pop machine was a response some time ago to a student in our ministry who upon graduation shared with us that some weeks the food he received here was the only food he had. 

The main mission congregation's have is to their immediate neighborhood. It is in their locale that a church community can have the biggest impact. What might we do to respond to the information shared by Dr. Moss? Can we sit by and ignore the data shared? How might we work with those other campus ministries to address the issues of ASU students? 

I look forward to exploring thoughts and ideas with you. Thank you as always for your partnership in ministry!

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