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One Who Is Coming

Pastor Gary McCluskey
Pastor Gary N. McCluskey

Pastor's Notes
Gary N. McCluskey, pastor

In Advent prophets and John the Baptizer alike tell us of one who is coming.  Of course this one who comes is Jesus the Christ, the Messiah long promised, who is the anointed one of God. The one who is to come will reveal God more fully and more profoundly than has been seen before.

We, of course, know something about this one to come. We have been through Advent and Christmas before. And we hope to again. We know this one to be he who in John's Gospel it is said is the Word and will dwell among us in human flesh. 

There is much both to anticipate and celebrate in this God in human flesh, this God incarnate. This, we say, is truly a God among us, never far from us, and a God who knows something of what it is like to be us. 

So if God comes in and through the flesh of humanity, this may raise the question, "Then where might God not be?". We could answer in rocks and trees, in sky and water, in dirt and little earth worms.  Yet these and much more are all part of God's creation, revealing some hint of God and God's handiwork from the most grand to the lowliest. We cannot say, really, where God is not. God is God and can be wherever God chooses. 

Yet there is something about this God in Jesus, in human flesh that is different than the God we might find elsewhere. We can stare in awe at the rocks of Sedona, the various earthen colors of the Grand Canyon, or the ability of a chameleon to change colors. What cannot happen, however, is for things such as these to have a relationship with us. God comes because God desires a relationship with us. To with someone is to have relationship. To save is to care. And to care is also to be with.

So much in creation glorifies the greatness of God by its beauty or its stature or its abilities. God is not satisfied to be appreciated or glorified. God comes to be with and stand in solidarity with God's own creation. Something, indeed, to look forward in Advent! 

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