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I Chose My Parents Well

Pastor Gary McCluskey
Pastor Gary N. McCluskey

Pastor's Notes
Gary N. McCluskey, pastor

A successful person was once asked what was the key to her success. She responded, "I chose my parents well". Of course this answer was met with smiles and chuckles by all who heard it.

November is the month of Thanksgiving. As such gratitude is often the topic of editorials, church newsletters, and occasional family discussion.  Most often it seems the subject concerns those things we are thankful for. The list generally includes health, family, friends, food, daily needs and even possessions.  Christian writings tend to correctly remind us to whom we are to be thankful; God. 

Yet I suspect buried within our thanks is often a gratitude for things we are able to do and things we have accomplished. Good health, good family, good friends, food, daily needs and possessions...we have all these because we have taken good care of ourselves, related well with others, and we have worked hard. Indeed. What we often miss in our gratitude is precisely what the successful woman implied in her answer concerning her wise choice of parents: Luck. Has not good fortune....that is circumstances and forces beyond our control....been a part of so much of what we have to give thanks for? Many times in life we may be more fortunate than we are good or deserving.

Perhaps what you and I need to do sometimes is strip bare the facade which we construct around our life and realize how fortunate we are. How lucky to have had good parents, how fortunate to have been able to attend good schools, have job opportunities, and people who have impacted our lives positively. Doing so just might enable us to realize the only response we can have to God for our life is gratitude. Life is more than pulling up one's bootstraps. It is also being given in the first place boots to put on. 

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