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Pastor Gary McCluskey
Pastor Gary N. McCluskey

Pastor's Notes
Gary N. McCluskey, pastor

As I write this, it is about 2 weeks prior to the arrival of students. Allow me to predict what our new students will be like this fall. By the time you are reading this they should have been here about a week or more so you can check out my ability or lack of ability at such prognostication.

New students will come with a variety of gifts, personalities, and emotions. Some will be geared more to the areas of liberal arts, some to the sciences, some to business, and others to engineering. There will be students on scholarships and students who will have to take out large student loans. There will be Barrett Honor students and students who just squeaked by into the admission standards. 

In addition students will have fears. Some will wonder if they can make it. Others may struggle with living away from home for the first time. Most will benefit and grow from living on their own for the first time. Many will be skeptical of the teachings they received in Sunday School. Some will desire to hang on to those teachings without wanting to change one part of what they learned. Some will put up false fronts while others will not at all be reluctant to share their vulnerability. Some will take this opportunity to do exactly what parents hope they will not do while others will not want to deviate at all from parental expectations.  There may be a student or two who will become ill. Another one or two might lose a loved one back home through death. There will be roommate joys and roommate struggles. Some will gain weight and some will not eat sufficiently. Some will exercise excellent stewardship of their bodies while others will not. 

How do I know these things? Not really because I have seen this fifteen times before. I know these things because those who come are humans. Very human.  They will have all the joys and struggles, all the good works and sin that humans of every age have. While students have changed over the years in some ways, overall their human condition has not changed. 

Our human condition has not changed either. This is precisely why you and I are able to minister to and with those students who arrive year after year, generation after generation. We can identify and understand their fears, their longings, their hopes, and their joys. We have all had many of the same. We need not be their age. We need not understand things as they do. Here at ULC/LCM we are simply called to love them. We are called to be with them. We are called to teach them, lead them, correct them, listen to them and share with them. We are called to allow the God who comes through very ordinary human flesh and human beings like ourselves to do God's work through us. 

Thank you for the continued privilege of being able to serve this ministry with you.

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