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Arizona Heat

Pastor Gary McCluskey
Pastor Gary N. McCluskey

Pastor's Notes
Gary N. McCluskey, pastor

The heat of Arizona summer marches on. Perhaps I should say instead, "trudges" on as summer in Arizona, especially in August,  seems to move at such a snail's pace it almost seems never-ending at times.  Two more months of heat to go!

Water is a resource we use to battle the heat. We swim or simply soak in a pool. Then there are the omnipresent water bottle companions. Some are the disposable kind that we, hopefully, can recycle. Others are those that we fill and refill over and over again throughout the day. In recent years we have learned the great need we humans have to be hydrated. In Arizona summer keeping hydrated is particularly important.

This August at ULC/LCM we will have the privilege of conducting two baptisms of young ones. Water again is the key element. It seems in the heat of summer an excellent sign that God works to keep us hydrated. Baptism, of course, is more than simply water. It is the very promise of God to be one's God from the very beginning of life. Baptism is grounded in God's promise that the child before us in baptism is God's child. Baptism is grounded in God's promise that all those who have emerged from the waters of baptism will remain hydrated in the promises of God that nothing........nothing.....can keep God from being God of the baptized. Nothing can keep God from loving God's children. 

These are refreshing words regardless of our age. In fact, sometimes the more years we are past our baptismal date the more refreshing God's promises of baptism become as we experience the ups and downs of life; the hopes, the disappointments, the joys, and the fears. We are refreshed, hydrated, if you will, by the reminder that in a very public way it was once said and demonstrated that God claimed us forever. 

Drink up. Keep hydrated. Sometimes both Arizona summer and life's struggles seem unending. Remember the words once said over you, " You are baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit". Be refreshed.

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