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Student of the Month - Matthew Bohr

Name: Matthew Bohr
Year in School: Sophmore
Hometown: North Phoenix

What is your favorite part of LCM? My favorite part of LCM is meeting new people.

Why would you encourage others to check out LCM? I think it is a good place to meet new people and have good time just hanging out with others.  I have something to look forward to every week, either Sunday worship and lunch or Wednesday dinner and worship.  It is also a nice break from homework.

What is your best memory at LCM? Well, I have a most interesting memory. One year in San Diego, during the worship on the cliffs, there was a group of para-gliders.  It was exciting to see them just sailing around.

What is the one thing you are looking forward to this year? Since the San Diego trip has past, I have to say the Sedona retreat.  It is just a different vibe.  We get to hang out with the other campus ministries, like from U of A and NAU, more. It is also cool to see snow on the tops of the mountains.   

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