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Student of the Month - Rachel Knoche

Rachel KnocheName: Rachel Knoche
Year of School: Junior
Hometown: Colorado Springs,CO

What is your favorite part of LCM? The culture. I appreciate that LCM welcomes everybody regardless of background. I think diversity of thought is the most important factor in good conversation and LCM helps foster an environment welcoming of these discussions.

Why would you encourage others to check out LCM? I would encourage others to check out LCM if they are looking for a place to meet kind and welcoming people.

What is your best memory at LCM? My freshman year I was able to go on the San Diego trip and it was an awesome experience! I had great conversation on the drive there where I got to know some amazing people. 

What is one thing you are looking forward to this year? I am most looking forward to the San Diego trip this year because I wasn't able to go last year!

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