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The Cross is Back!

After being removed for renovations of the fireplace area, the Cross which was placed in storage is now back "home". 

Thanks to Will Salz for cleaning the artwork and hanging it back above the fireplace. 

A mantel is now being designed by Paul Zelenski to be installed above the fireplace and under the cross and should be completed shortly after the design is approved.

The cross sculpture was created in October 1997 by Ernie Nickels, a Tempe architect and a sculptor that makes pieces from "found materials" and member of University Lutheran Church. It was created from old chrome car bumpers. Ernie said he enjoys making beautiful things from junk. Carmen and Allan Bieber liked it so well they purchased it for the church. The Biebers gave it to University Lutheran Church in memory of their parents.  It has since hung on the Campus Center fireplace.  

Ernie Nickels has commissioned works throughout the Valley and has an iron sculpture in Peace Park in memory of a former pastor and peace activit, John Peterson.  That memorial contains within it several of Pastor Peterson's tools.  When carefully observing the piece, you can see other clues as to John's life and work.

Carmen Bieber has a piece of his work in her present home and also on the front of her former home on LaRosa in Tempe.

Fireplace Area Cross 

A special thanks to Will Salz, Mary Ann Salz and Terry Anderson for helping.


Mounting the Cross with Will Salz

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