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Ministering Through Meals

Ministering Through Meals
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A Volunteer Guide for Preparing Meals for Students of Lutheran Campus Ministry at University Lutheran Church

Food for the body is not enough; There must be food for the soul. -- Dorothy Day

Here is just a sample of what is in the PDF Brochure:

Student Meals Q/A
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There is a lot of freedom in the preparation and serving of student meals. You are invited to discover a method that works best for you. Listed below in Q & A format are frequently asked questions regarding student meals.

How many students dine each week?
This varies from semester to semester. In addition, most semesters Wednesday meals are more heavily attended than Sunday meals. On occasion there are student activities (retreats/fund-raising, etc.) away from our community and attendance will be lower. Generally 20-25 students is a good average, but it is best to speak with Pastor or the Campus Ministry Associate about one week prior to meal preparation.

Will I need to consider dietary restrictions?
On occasion we will have a few students with allergies, some who are vegetarians or vegans. Ask Pastor or the Campus Ministry Associate whether specific students have special needs. We tend to keep peanut butter and jelly on hand for the vegetarians. Are there any days when attendance is lighter and less food is needed? Yes. Weekends of retreats or fund-raising, Wednesdays and Sundays surrounding holidays, etc. where attendance will be lighter. Those dates are generally marked on the sign-up sheet on the Moving bulletin board.



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