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New Blog Post from Julie Gerrish, Senegal

Julie GerrishFrom a recent email from Julie Gerrish:

Hi people, 

I am so happy to be able to email with you guys.

Here's a new blog that I wrote, called "Learning to Trust God". It's on the main Senegal YAGM blog page, where there are also links to blogs by other Senegal YAGMs! So if you're curious, take a look. 

The past couple weeks have been good, with some ELCA visitors coming to Senegal, Senegal's National Lutheran Church Day, and some wonderful music concerts, which I suppose I will include in the next newsletter. 

I have one thing I am curious about. What food are you eating? I have had a lot of cravings the past couple weeks, and I just want to hear what types of food my friends are eating. What did you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack/other? I am just curious. Or also, is there a time that you had to trust God that you would like to tell me about?


Julie Gerrish
Mossane Diouf

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