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God's Month

Pastor Gary McCluskey
Pastor Gary N. McCluskey

Pastor's Notes
Gary N. McCluskey, pastor

February. The month of Valentine's Day. The month of President's Day. The shortest month of the year even in Leap Year. The month that mimics exactly (except during Leap Year) it's next month. It is an unusual month, perhaps even a strange month. In Arizona I always think that February means the "cold" weather has now passed or at least will pass. Believe it or not, I thought the same in Colorado in terms of very cold temperatures. 

February. The month, like all months, a time when one day follows another and, except perhaps for some brief intervals, our routines post-holidays are once again firmly entrenched. On we go working, volunteering, praying, worshiping, shopping, loving, caring, sleeping, eating, and wondering where the time has gone. 

February, like all months, is God's month. It is a time God is with us, it is a time God encounters us. At times we recognize God, at times we are surprised by God, at times we don't even seem to notice, taking God for granted. Yet God remains God and this month, like all months remains God's month. It might seem God too has God's routines. While done differently from time to time, God's routines are coming and demonstrating God's love, grace, and care for God's children. It may be in worship, it may be in the grocery store, it may be in the neighborhood or dorm. It may be profound or it may be very ordinary. It may be through the ritual routine of Word and Sacrament in worship. Funny, many churches fail to have weekly communion as they fear they would wear it out. Yet don't we do many things regularly precisely because of their importance to us? The Lord's Prayer comes to mind.  Weekly, routinely, and, because of such, somewhat ordinary. 

But, alas! This is what we discover in Epiphany. God does not forsake the ordinary. God does not despise the ordinary. Instead God chooses that which is common and works to make it and us uncommon. 

February. God's month. Our month. And our very fleeting time is indeed our time; yet above all it is God's time. Take some time and see if you might discern God at work in the ordinary stuff of daily life. 

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