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  • Write Your Letters To Your Congress Members - This year is critical. Your Justice Committee right here at University Lutheran Church and Lutheran Campus Ministry are encouraging you to help fight young among our youth.... our youth right here in the United States and around the world.
  • HB 2611 - Payroll Loans - HB 2611, vote NO. This bill would weaken the Arizona Consumer Loan Act, which already permits 36% interest on loans of up to $3,000 plus a one-time loan origination fee of 5% up to $150.
  • SNAP - ‚ÄčArizona needs to act to request federal exemptions from denial of cash assistance stamps (SNAP) to those felons who have served their time for drug related convictions. Persons convicted of users as well as those using cocaine (100 times stronger) rece


Legislators WILL listen if you provide credible feedback.

Arizona - Arizona's Legislative website

Call Your Legislator
602-542-4900 Senate
602 926-3559 House - Give feedback to your governor and legislators.

Federal -Online method to contact your Federal legislators and to track bills

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