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It's About That Time by Jill Rode

Jilll Rode
Jil Rode - Past Campus Ministry Associate

Read Jil Rode's recent blog post from May 26, 2013, "I remember last spring sitting in a classroom with a bunch of classmates of mine, listening to our then-Contextual Education director talking about the cycle of internship.  It went a little something like this.  The first three months or so, everyone is super friendly, you may feel overwhelmed at having to learn a new church setting and new people, but in general, everything is pretty good.  Then you hit the holidays and you start to wonder if internship will ever end.  After that comes the sweet spot, when you know everybody, you have a good handle on the various church programs, and you are in the flow of the normal church routine.  Then, come late spring, you realize that the end of internship is right around the corner, and you wonder how in the heck the year passed by so fast.  This is where I'm at now.  Sometime in the last month, the realization suddenly hit me that I only have a little more than two months remaining.  Not only that, but I'm now at a point where the end is quantifiable.  Two more church council meetings.  Two more internship committee meetings.  Five more sermons.  And lot of goodbyes..... "  READ THE COMPLETE POSTING AT HER BLOG

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