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VivePeru - Christine Wilkins


Christine Wilkins, one of our students who has also served as an office assistant intern, is doing some marvelous work in Perú.  She has previous worked in Peru through the VivePeru's Mission and is now returning to continue her work.  Christine is asking for your prayers and support.
VivePeru’s Mission: Vive Perú is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering understanding of Latin American and Peruvian culture and providing much-needed aid to Peruvian communities. We work to promote cultural understanding and implement innovative and self-sustainable programs in the areas of health, education, social work and engineering.
What Christine will be doing: I will be participating in the Clinical Medicine program in Trujillo, Peru from June 23 – July 25. She will be shadowing health care professionals in a local clinic or hospital and getting hands-on medical experience. She will also be living with a host family in Trujillo to get extra Spanish practice (and eat delicious home cooked meals).
Download a copy of Christine's Flyer (PDF)
Occasionally opportunities for members or students arise where we can help support them in a special endeavor beyond academics. Junior Christine Wilkins has an opportunity to go to Peru this summer to work in a medical clinic. Christine, a Spanish major, is hoping to be a doctor and work with those rarely receiving quality medical care. She asked, and council approved, if she could receive support through a request to the congregation for support. She is not expecting us to pay the entire $1,700 but any assistance we can give would be appreciated. Christine served as our Student Intern. Below is her e-mail to the church council:
":My trip this summer will be from June 23-July 25 and I will be located in Trujillo, Peru. The program cost (not including airfare and insurance) is $1700, which includes a donation to the clinic where I will be volunteering. I will be working in a medical clinic or hospital during weekdays where I will be interacting in Spanish with the patients and observing procedures (much like what Katy Lichtsinn and I did in Chile, except it would be the sole focus of this trip). I wanted to know if I could do some modest fundraising at ULC to offset some of the program cost. Vive Peru is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Mesa, Arizona, and any donations for the purpose of this trip can be written off as a charitable contribution. One way to do this is to make a check out to VIVEPERU with my name in the memo line. They have programs in three cities in Peru and their programs are clinical medicine, teaching English, teaching music, engineering, and social work.
Here is their website:
Here is my specific program description:

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