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Student of the Month - Leo Brito

Year: "I'm on my fourth year, but we have five years."

Hometown? "Recife, Brazil."
Major? "Computer Science."
What does that involve? "Um...math. [laughs] A lot of math."
Job? "I have a Job. I work at Paypal in Scottsdale. It's awesome."
Hobbies?  "I just don't have time for it [hobbies]."
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? " In five years, probably     either doing a PhD or working in some company here or in the bay area."
What brought you to LCM? "Google. I used Google to search for a Baptist church because I'm Baptist, or at least I was raised that way. I found one. It was the church on Mill avenue. I went there once and it was kind of like a rock concert [laughs] and I didn't really like that. So the next closest thing, I guess, I searched for a Lutheran church and found this."
Why do you keep coming back to LCM? " Because I enjoy the service and I have made some good friends here."
What do you love most about LCM? " The openness of the people which is really refreshing."
What was your favorite event so far? " The San Diego trip. Yeah."

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