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Bekki Elliot - Student of the Month

Bekki Elliot
Bekki Elliott

Year: Junior
Hometown? "I'm from Reading England, but I go to University in Manchester, which is a big city, a lot like London, very busy, you know?"
What is your Major? "International Management and American Business Studies"
What does that involve? "It involves like Fine arts, politics, law, economics, management, and the history and politics of America."
Job? Hobbies?  "I'm not allowed a job here. I love to dance, and to just go out with my friends and have fun."
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? "Hopefully back in America. I really wanna come back to the states. In two years it's my plan to come back. And hopefully married and with a very good job! [laughs]"
What brought you to LCM? "Kristen (Tucker) actually did. Yeah yeah. I was staying at the hotel she worked in and she told me about it. I thought I'd come along why not, and she told me about the trip to San Diego, and I thought why not go. Then I went to San Diego and met everyone and I really liked it, So I came back."
Why do you keep coming back to LCM? "I've never been to a church where everyone is so open and so friendly: so welcoming and at home. You can be completely yourself at LCM. There's no like-- people hiding things. They're very open and friendly. People are very real. There's no fake people who just put on a shade for church. There's no need to change who they are."
What do you love most about LCM? "The people."
What was your favorite event so far? "Definitely San Diego! [laughs] Not a difficult question. Yeah, San diego. I felt so blessed to be there and so lucky with everyone that got to go."

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