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Where are they Now? - Ellen Aiken

Below is an update from life-long member Ellen Aiken, daughter of Shawn and Lynn Aiken (big sister of ASU law student Eric).  Ellen received her undergraduate degree from Tufts University and her law degree from the University of Arizona.  As it turns out, Where is she now?..well, she is here! 
"After graduating from law school at the University of Arizona in May 2011, I’m finally getting my bearings in the “real world.”  I was lucky enough to find a job soon after graduation, and I have been working at a small family law firm called Burt & Feldman in Old Town, Scottsdale.  What they say is true—the learning curve is steep—but it has been an exciting and challenging year.  I have learned a lot and have even made a few courtroom appearances.  My boyfriend, Zeshan, and I recently made the big move from our parents’ house.  We are living in North Scottsdale and are very excited to go hiking as soon as the weather cools down.  We will also be getting a new kitten (or puppy) in the near future.  (Shh!  Don’t tell Z!)."  
Ellen Aiken
 Editor's note: They grow up fast!

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