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Human Rights Campaign


10:30 am

Sunday School and
Adult Forum
9:15 am
After Labor Day

6:30 pm

Limited events between semesters

Bible Study 5pm
Dinner 5:30pm
Contemporary Worship 6:30pm

Worship 10:30am
Dinner following

Students: Check out the Campus Ministry page for specific student events.

We are a
Reconciling Works - Lutherans for Full Participation

University Lutheran Church intends to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all of God's people, regardless of race, situation, family status, sexuality, size, shape and place in the world. ULC is a Reconciling in Christ congregation registered with Lutherans Concerned/North America. Thanks be to God for the blessings we have and the differences we share!


University Lutheran Church

Welcome all students and parents. (map)

Open Forum

Meets Sundays 9:15am- 10:15am in the Campus Center Library.

  • April 24: “Work, Research, Faith and Science” by Eric Lehnhardt
  • May 1: Secular Faith?  Who Sets the Direction for American Politics? Do we take our cues from Religion or Culture? Led by Pr. Gary
  • May 8: What Does it Mean to be Lutheran? Led by Pr. Gary

                    Summer Connections!

                    It feels like summer is here so that means it is time to mark your calendars with dates and locations of  our informal gatherings affectionately known as Summer Connections!  

                    Summer Connections are casual, unstructured gatherings where we can meet new friends and catch up with the old (long time) friends. We share dinner and conversation twice a month during the summer, which is only June, July and August just in case you are not sure!  We have a potluck at someone's house 6:00 pm on Wednesday evenings.  The hosting family usually provides the main dish, often grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, however if you would like to serve top sirloin no one will complain. Everyone else brings a side dish or dessert and their own beverage.

                    Whether you can make all the connections or just one,  please put the following dates on your calendar. We never know what we will eat, who will be there or what the weather will be like (OK 100's) but we do know it is a good evening of enjoying positive fellowship, meeting new people and trying new things. ALL ARE WELCOME!

                    Pentecost - May 15

                    Sunday, May 15 is the Day of Pentecost. At our 9am worship service we will read the Acts 2:1-21 text in various languages. If you can read in a language other than English, please call the church office, use our Contact Form  or sign up on the moving bulletin board. Let us know what language you will read. The text can usually be found on the internet in various languages, but if you cannot find the language you are looking for, ask Pastor Gary. He has the text in many languages.

                    Thank you Bar B Que

                    Our Annual Thank you Bar B Que is Sunday, May 1 following the 10:45am worship service. This will be done entirely by students. You do not need reservations nor do you need to bring food. Students will cook, serve, set up and clean up as a way to thank the congregation for their support. 

                    Worship Time Change

                    SUNDAY, MAY 15 WE MOVE TO 9AM SUNDAY WORSHIP
                    Our 10:45am worship returns August 21.
                    Our last Wednesday worship service for the academic year is May 4

                    Graduation Banquet

                    May 10, 6pm
                    RSVP's needed: Call the Church Office or use our Contact Form 
                    May 1 is when we hope to have all RSVP's in. 

                    Young Adults In Global Mission

                    Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM)is a program of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America that annually sends 75 young adults to various countries around the world to serve in a particular mission for a year. Our last YAGM student was Abby Henderson who served in South Africa. Hundreds of young adults apply for these positions each year. This year three students from our ministry were selected for service: Julie Gerrish, Mikayle Holm, and Annie Skivington. At this writing it is uncertain where they might serve, though some of the possibilities mentioned have been Senegal, Tanzania, Uruguay, and Hungary. All three have opportunity to accept or decline their appointments. As this is written all three are in Chicago meeting with all 75 selected.  We are very proud to have three students represented in YAGM!  

                    Food Collection

                    As always in Arizona, the demand for food in food pantries is at its highest in summer when fewer are giving to such pantries and, due to increased utility costs more are needing food. Thanks to all who keep our bin filling each week with non-perishable food items. In summer bottled water is especially needed.  Another year-long need often forgotten is for toilet paper. Lutheran Social Services continues to receive gifts of Fry's gift cards for their refugee program. You can put them in an envelope in the offering plate. If you put your name in or on the envelope, we can send you a receipt. Thank you!!

                    Synod Assembly

                    The Grand Canyon Synod Assembly will be held at Community  Lutheran Church,  Las Vegas. Representing ULC will be Darren Gest, Layna Taylor, and Pastor Gary. The dates are June 16-17. You can go to the Grand Canyon Synod web site ( for the agenda or more information. 

                    ASU Recitals at ULC

                    I Love MusicYou are invited to two upcoming ASU Recitals at ULC, featuring students of LCM!

                    On Sunday, April 24, a wind quintent, Monsoon Winds, will be performing a "Triple Threat" Recital at 2:00 pm in the Sanctuary.  Erin Delaney, flute, and Marquise Demaree, oboe, are in this wind quintet.

                    On Sunday, May 1, a musical quartet will be performing a Recital at 2:30 pm in the Sanctuary.  Dale Ramirez, saxophone, is in this quartet.

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